Changing banks
is very simple

How to do it?

With just one signature, you can switch banks. Keytrade Bank will take care of everything and help you to transfer your current account, free of charge. Take advantage of this great opportunity now!


5 cents reward

for each executed
banking transaction


  • Open an account at Keytrade Bank. If you would like a bank card, don't forget to mention this.
  • Download your bank switching form and return the completed and signed document with a copy of the identity card (front and back) of all signatories by post to Keytrade Bank, Middle Office, Vorstlaan 100, 1170 Brussels. Or send a scan or picture of the documents via email to

Keytrade Bank

  • Provides you with the bank switching service guide.
  • Collects information for you about your standing orders from your former bank and all direct debits.
  • Informs your former bank about the new account number to which it can transfer the balance.
  • Encodes the standing orders on the basis of information received from your former bank.
  • Informs all suppliers with direct debit and persons or companies that regularly * transfer money to your account about your account number.

Your former bank

  • Sends Keytrade Bank all information about standing orders, direct debits and data of regularly recurring * transfers.
  • Cancels your old standing orders.
  • Cancels your old bank cards.
  • Closes your old account free of charge (if you choose this option) and transfers the balance to your new Keytrade Bank account (within 10 working days of your bank transfer request).

* at least 6 transfers during 13 months prior to the request date.

In no more than 10 working days, all your transfers will be completed and you will become one of our customers. Welcome to Keytrade Bank!

Need help?

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